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What is a cosmetotextile?


Cosmetic or cosmetic-textile is a technology that combines the cosmetic universe with the textile universe through a microencapsulation process. The microcapsules are directly fixed on textile fibres.


Skin'Up smart clothing is the result of 15 years of research and innovation that has led to the development of a unique triple technology with many virtues and applications in the fields of slimming, sports, paramedical and beauty. This triple technology is based on:

  • Microencapsulation
  • Active mineral fibres
  • Self-massaging textured knitting

1- Microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is a scientific process that consists of attaching microcapsules directly to textile fibres. These microcapsules are on average 5 microns in diameter and contain natural cosmetic active ingredients.

At Skin'Up, our microcapsules are composed of phytomarine active ingredients and safflower seed oil. Our phytomarine active ingredients have firming, lipo-reducing, regenerating, draining and antioxidant properties, while safflower seed oil has nourishing and emollient properties.

Our microcapsules gradually diffuse upon contact with the skin during the 28 days of treatment.

2- Our mineral fibres

We have chosen to use only active mineral fibres to compose our cosmetotextiles. We use two of them:

  • Jade Fiber
  • Ceramic fibre

The mineral fibre of Jade has a cooling effect sufficient to cool the body by 1.8 degrees. Forced to maintain its temperature at 37°, the body will then draw from its fat reserves. In response to this decrease, the body consumes more energy and the skin becomes firmer. Skin'Up dedicates this fiber to its BeautyTherm and CryoShape brands.

Ceramic fibre is used to retain and release the heat emitted by the body. The fibre improves thermoregulation, promotes blood microcirculation and also strengthens drainage. The thermoregulation process helps the diffusion of cosmetic active ingredients and contributes to the massaging effect of the textile by reducing cellulite. Skin'Up dedicates this fiber to its brands Cellutex, MovimientoSo'Slim and LipoActif.

3- Knitting

All our slimming clothing is knitted in relief to ensure a specific massage on the targeted areas. This knitting also controls the diffusion of microcapsules and guarantees a better application of the active ingredients for an optimal slimming result.

The triple technology of Skin'Up makes it possible to offer you, through our cosmetotexiles, a complete slimming treatment.



For 7 days, textiles release 50% of cosmetics on the skin. This action is coupled with the massage of the fibre. Over the next 21 days, 50% of the other microcapsules are released on the skin to consolidate the slimming action and firm with the active massage of the fibres. After 28 days, the cosmetotextile retains all its draining and firming properties thanks to the action of the fibre and the knitting in relief.

Do you want to obtain maximum slimming results? So wear our cosmetotextiles for 28 days, 8 hours a day!


Skin'Up slimming clothing provides incredible results! On a panel of 30 volunteers, maximum reductions of 4 cm on the hips and 2 cm on the thighs were observed.


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