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A cosmetotextiles pioneer in France, the Skin’Up® laboratory has been designing, producing and distributing intelligent fabrics since 2005.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skin’Up® Sophie Beaugé-Duguet believes that “Cosmetotextiles are revolutionizing the way we design and wear clothes. Fabrics are now synonymous with skincare, they are becoming cosmetics in their own right”.

In 2019, Skin’Up created the first cosmetotextiles research and development laboratory. It is located in the heart of the “Cosmetic Valley”, the international beauty science competitiveness cluster, and uses the most advanced technologies in the manufacture of intelligent textiles. With this know-how, Skin’Up can offer a broad range of innovative and patented products that are revolutionizing the slimming market.


15 years

of research and development

10 million

products sold in more than 20 countries


on more than 10 clinical tests (under dermatological control)


Skin’Up was created because it wanted to offer innovative fabrics that would meet both cosmetic and sporting needs: performance, inch-loss, hydration, detoxification, cellulite attack, firmness, sculpting, etc.
At its inbuilt laboratory, Skin’Up set out to develop ever more innovative products that would perform better and better to help you meet your slimming goals sooner.

Beauty and Slimming

Our beauty range provides genuine slimming care, and includes the best elements from cosmetics and textiles to help you take care of your body, actively remove cellulite and smooth your body, leaving it moisturized in a veil of softness.
The microcapsules containing phytomarine active ingredients, made from seaweed and safflower oil, give our textiles an immediate beauty action, a complete skincare treatment, and effective and lasting inch-loss results.

Fitness and Performance

Our sports brands offer technical slimming fabrics that are designed for exercise.
Muscles are oxygenated more efficiently and muscle fatigue is delayed. Micro-encapsulated natural active ingredients ensure maximum hydration.
Cosmetotextiles are also seamless, so they generate less friction and irritation, for an effective and comfortable result!


Skin’Up was recognized as a BPI excellence business in 2018.

Responsible innovation prizewinner at the Rencontres de l’Entretien Textile awards event, which recognizes fabric innovation.

Victoire de la beauté 2018/2019 for the shorty in the Zéro Défaut range.

Victoire de la beauté 2017/2018 for BeautyTherm, which used its new Jade technology for the first time, integrating it into fabric fibers.

Victoire de la beauté 2015/2016 for Skinny Jeans, which combat cellulite and boost slimming results.

Victoire de la beauté 2014/2015 for its Leggings Shaper Cosmeto Ceramic range, which accelerates inch-loss.

In 2006, Skin’Up was recognized as being a young and innovative business (Jeune entreprise innovante) by the French Ministry for Research, and received support from Oseo Innovation.