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Women's media, health, sport, fashion and business are highlighting the benefits of Skin'Up!

The cream of high-tech clothing according to Elle


The journalist did us the honour of placing 3 of our products in her crème de la crème! She presents our sculpting and anti-cellulite BeautyTherm belt which she describes as "tight and invisible under clothing". She explains that in addition to Jade fibre, the knitted relief fabric "produces a permanent massage that helps to reduce dimples". Then comes our Cellutex sports slimming legging which is THE "legging to tone the legs".

The most highlighted by the journalist: "we can keep him a few minutes after his training, his composition promotes the elimination of toxins", which promotes recovery! Finally, the journalist mentions our Spiralo panty, winner of the Victoires de la Beauté 2019-2020. She announces that our panty acts "on the cellulite of the buttocks, thighs and stomach" thanks to its "relief patterns" which "generate a circular massage at the level of fat deposits".

Panty Spiralo: latest innovation highlighted in Cap'Eco

The journalist talks about the latest innovation from our laboratory: the Spiralo slimming panty. These tight panties promise "to sculpt the waist, shape the buttocks and erase cellulite". The secret: the combination of "safflower oil and seaweed micro-capsules fixed on the fabric, coupled with a textile action provided by knitted Jade fibres in spiral form".


The journalist also mentioned the nomination of the Spiralo panty "for the 2019-2020 Beauty Victories, including the top Innovation, the "reward of awards" according to the organizers". It then highlights the 10 patents held by Skin'Up as well as the R&D efforts made since the beginning.

Review of the test of our Beautytherm leggings tested by the Journal Des Femmes

The journalist points out that our leggings "are comfortable, go high on the stomach without tightening the waist, do not compress the bottom of the leg, are seamless (a real advantage!) and easily follow all movements, without deforming themselves. ». She explains that our leggings are very discreet and that she wore them for sports, hanging out at home and even going to work with a sweater or a long t-shirt. She adds that "the tighter and "massaging" effect on the thighs is not at all painful and even rather pleasant since you feel sheathed. »

Concerning its slimming action, the journalist rightly explains that Beautytherm legging "can boost the sports effect (since we know that slimming treatments are more effective when applied just before physical activity), and replace slimming treatments on weekends when you stay at home without having the courage to cream yourself... while being prettier and more effective on the line than an old jogging! »

Report on the new Skin'Up laboratory in the New

La Nouvelle Ré came to meet Sophie Beaugé-Duguet, CEO of Skin'Up in the company's new research and development centre.

Le laboratoire Skin' UP

This is an opportunity to take stock of the company's development, which doubled its turnover between 2017 and 2018: "2019 will be the year of international expansion. Today, we make 80% of our turnover in France, within three years, we will make 80% in exports," says Sophie Beaugé-Duguet.

And to specify the ambition of the new laboratory "We have invested more than one million euros to equip ourselves with machines capable of defining and imposing standards. There are no scientific certifications in the field of cosmetics. The machines in question will allow us to certify our own products but also those produced by other companies. ». In addition to product quality and efficiency, the company's R&D is pursuing new objectives: "Technically, things are changing. The objective is to use more and more mineral fibres, for example jade fibre. We are moving towards the production of organic microcapsules, grown organically and as part of a solidarity economy."

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Femina successfully tests Skin'Up leggings

Femina, the women's fashion and trends magazine, tested 3 Skin'Up leggings: Movimiento, Beautytherm and Cellutex. Verdict? "Models that work well".

femme en legging position sportive

For Femina, Movimiento leggings are "pleasant to wear during training sessions" and in everyday life: "you almost want to keep them all day long".

After two weeks, they observe "a moisturizing effect with smooth and firmed skin. It keeps warm, putting it under clothing gives an anti-cellulite effect even more stunning."

Find the full verdict of Femina

Movimiento, in the top shopping piloxing of Women sports.

Women sports presents the various advantages of the intelligent Movimiento pants, the new slimming sportswear brand from Skin'Up in its top shopping piloxing in January.

Legging et couverture du magazine Women Sports

Women sports thus highlights the microcapsules fixed in the heart of the fabric which diffuse a firming and antioxidant phytomarine treatment. Movimiento, a brand "to feel good throughout the course" which "reshapes the thighs and firms the skin".


Cellutex Legging

"The good idea: to have a session to feel the roll while keeping warm thanks to anti-cellulite leggings to put on under your clothing." - November 2018

Movimiento Legging

"Almost as thin as a tight, it is ultra-soft and comfortable thanks to its seamless 3D knitting. Its active fibre made of high-tech "ceramic" yarns provides an anti-cellulite massage while its microcapsules provide a firming treatment." - October 2018

Sculpting panty Zero Default

"The Zero Default Sculpting Panties are made from a high-tech care textile with a double technology: a 3D knit fabric for an immediate sculpting effect and an anti-cellulite slimming yarn for a firming massage." - October 2018

Movimiento Legging

"A cosmetic treatment directly integrated into his sports leggings, that's a clever idea!" - October 2018 - See the article- Read the article

Legging anti-cellulite slimming Beautytherm

"Beautytherm uses jade fiber, a mineral yarn that lowers body temperature by 1.8 degrees and therefore requires her to use her fat reserves to maintain her temperature." - September 2018

Movimiento Legging

"Thanks to a seamless 3D knitting, it helps to reshape our silhouette (in addition to sports, of course!)." - September 2018

Slimming panty refining Beautytherm

"A high-tech jade fiber, a gemstone that has the property of lowering the temperature. Wear 8 hours a day to lose up to 5 centimeters! "- August 2018

Slimzip Zero Default Swimsuit

"In addition to refining the silhouette, thanks to seamless 3D knitting, and protecting from UV rays, this swimsuit, made of yarns impregnated with slimming ingredients, stimulates and firms the skin. July 2018

Legging Movimiento and legging Beauty Therm

"Like Californian women, we adopt the athleisure style by putting on leggings to chill! But not just any one! We choose it in the form of ultra-flexible and thin tights (Movimiento, 75€) or with a high waist and your pastel (Cosméto Jade - Beauty Therm, 69€)". She - July 2018

From.Kat: fashion & lifestyle blog

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Séance de sport en vue

"I've worn the Movimiento intelligent leggings from Skin'Up Laboratory several times and I love them, they're very comfortable to wear and you don't feel tight in them.

During the use I could feel a "heating" effect and it is very pleasant. In terms of design, I find it very beautiful (I have the grey mottled with a black transparency effect on the calves) it can be worn with quite a few clothes! "

Imane's follies: beauty & lifestyle blog

"What I liked most about these leggings was the quality of the fabric. It is very comfortable to wear and is not used at the belt level for example.

Also, it is very aesthetic and in addition to that it releases active ingredients that help us fight against orange peel skin! I am pleasantly satisfied with it. »