• Lot de 2 tops minceur affinant noir
  • Lot de 2 tops minceur affinant noir
  • Lot de 2 tops minceur affinant noir
  • Lot de 2 tops minceur affinant noir


  • Slimming results visible from 7 days: -2,5cm of waist, -2,2cm of hips *
  • Provides a feeling of well-being *
  • Pleasant compression for a flat stomach effect and size immediately refined
  • Cosmetojade technology: promotes the firming of the skin and provides a youth care
  • Immediate gaining effect
  • Seamless textile: maintenance and unequaled comfort
  • Textile with phytomarine slimming assets
  • French innovation
  • Unlimited washing of the textile
  • Proven and tested results under control

The Slimming Top Slimming features the latest cosmetojade innovation, studied to sculpt the silhouette by targeting its action on the waist and belly.

The slimming results are visible from 7 days thanks to the combination of jade mineral active ingredients and marine cosmetic active ingredients contained in the yarn. This combination offers a real care youth slimming to boost the losses centimeter, bring the skin firmness, hydration, softness and elasticity.

Comfortable and seamless, it provides a feeling of well-being and ensures a second skin effect.

Proven and tested results.

Additional information tests

* Test carried out by an independent laboratory on a panel of 19 volunteers with a wear of 8h / day for 28 days. The results at 7 days have average losses of centimeter: -2,5cm on the waist, -2,2cm on the hips, - 4,7cm on the thighs.

The average losses observed at 28 days on the upper 1/3 of the panel are -9.3cm on the waist, -7.3cm on the hips, -3.3cm on the thighs.

Recommandations for use

It is recommended to wear your care textile for 28 days at a rate of 8 hours per day to observe the best results in slimming.

Cosmetic Ingredients resist up to 30/35 washes.

  • It is recommended to wash your care textile at 30 ° C in the machine (delicate cycle) or by hand with a mild detergent, without softener in order to preserve the properties of the cosmetic active ingredients.
  • It is recommended to dry naturally and away from the sun your textile.
  • Avoid the dryer.
  • Do not iron the garment.

Your care textile keeps its slimming properties unlimited, the technical fiber and the knitting mode of your textile being not altered with washes.

Composition of cosmetic active ingredients

Phyto-marine complex (EXTRACT OF FUCUS VESICULOSUS) allowing a complete care and a better slimming effectiveness (more than 30% of microencapsulated actives):

  • Firming (phytosterols)
  • Regeneration of the skin (minerals, vitamins, phospholipids)
  • Antioxidant (provitamin A, vitamin E)

From the 1st use a moisturizing veil is deposited on your body extracted from seeds of CARTHAME OIL. Moisturizing, Restructuring and restorative, it preserves the elasticity of the skin.

Relipidante, nourishing, emollient, it helps to restore the hydration of the skin. Antioxidant, it helps fight the aging of the skin.

Texile composition

91% Polyamide (Including Jade Fiber) - 9% Elastane

  • Technologie cosméto-jade

    Cosmeto Jade Technology

    Enables the skin strengthening and procures a youth care

  • Cryothérapie


    Enables fat burning

  • Perte centimétrique immédiate et durable

    Drop a size immediately and sustainably

    The loss of centimeters and improved skin appearance has been proven by clinical tests and satisfaction reports.

  • Effet raffermissant immédiat

    Immediate Firming Results

    Your skin is quickly and sustainably made firmer thanks to cold action.

  • Effet hydratant

    Hydrating Effect

    Skin is continuously hydrated

  • Favorise la sudation

    French innovation

    Patented, Innovative, French clothing. Dermatologically tested.